Extense variety

    LeoApart  flats are part of Wrocław and they have something from its soul.  Each of them is characteristic of unique atmosphere and each of them describes a piece of city’s history. Modern apartments with marble staircases show how Wrocław has developed in last 10 years and the apartments in the Market Square remember the times of horseshoes’ clatter on the pavement.

    It is up to you whether you choose a functional apartment or something with ambience full of stylish furniture and old memories. LeoApart prepared an offer for people with different tastes and needs.

    Representative apartments is an ideal solution for customers, who are in Wrocław on a business trip. The stay in our apartments means total privacy and comfortable conditions for preparation to business meetings. The apartments are divided into daily part, where you can welcome your guests and the sleeping part.

    Tourists, who prefer family rest, know how important spacious lodgings is. Thinking about them LeoApart prepared apartments equipped with separate and capacious wardrobes. If you decide you want to do some cooking, large dining table will let you enjoy your meal.

    With regard to location  LeoApart apartments are a perfect base for people who want to see the monuments of Wrocław. Living in the city centre you save a lot of time and money for daily travels.  We would like to encourage you to rent an apartment in one of the historic tenement houses, which are famous from the postcards. The interiors full of old-fashioned furniture will let you take in the history of Lower Silesia’s capital.

    For adveturers we have prepared apartments in an artistic style. Apartments surprising with  details and note of extravagance. For people who think that love is the biggest adventure, we have prepared romantic apartments – studios ideal for people in love.

    You are welcome to have a look on the descriptions of particular apartments to find this perfect one.

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